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Season 21 Episode 17 Recap – Hollywood Life

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The top 8 will be going down to the top 5 during the May 7 episode of American Idol. This means 3 singers will be eliminated by the end of the episode. Since Katy Perry and Lionel Richie are across the pond for the coronation concert, Alanis Morrisette and Ed Sheeran are stepping in as guest judges.

The artists will perform Alanis songs, and then team up for duets with their fellow contestants. Katy and Lionel pop in from Windsor Castle to say hello after their coronation concert performances. Fresh off the coronation, King Charles III and Queen Camilla make a surprise appearance as Katy and Lionel chime in from London!

Iam Tongi
Iam Tongi performing on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

But let’s get down to business. Warren Peay is up first and rocks out to “All I Really Want.” Alanis is incredibly impressed with Warren and says he performed a version “I have never imagined.” Ed applauds Warren for not using the guitar and saw a lot of confidence in Warren during the performance.

Zachariah Smith is up next and tones it down for a powerful performance of “Ironic.” Ed calls the rendition “super, super powerful.” Luke points out that Zachariah had “lots of dynamics” in his performance, including some “tender moments.”

Iam Tongi and Oliver Steele team up for a stunning duet of Ed’s song “Photograph.” These two performed together during Hollywood Week, and they truly make beautiful music together. Ed admits that he “got emotional” listening to the performance. Alanis says she was “really moved” by the performance. Oliver’s dad is also in the audience this week!

Haven Madison
Haven Madison performing on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

Haven Madison slays her performance of “You Learn.” Ed tells Haven that he is “really impressed” with her and says “vocally it was nuts.” Alanis commends Haven for her dedication to being authentic and encourages her to keep embracing that.

Wé Ani and Warren hit the stage together for a beautiful duet of “Perfect.” Alanis points out the “massive range” in both Wé and Warren. Luke gushes that it’s “so fun” to watch them both “blossom individually” and then come together for something “really special.”

Colin Stough puts “whole new life” into “Hand In My Pocket” with his rockstar performance. “I did not see that coming,” Alanis says of Colin’s performance of her song. Ed notes that this performance is “up my alley.” He likes how Colin put a “different spin” on the song.

Haven and Zachariah perform a duet of “Thinking Out Loud.” These two have really great musical chemistry with each other. Ed raves that the duet was “really soulful, really powerful.” Alanis tells the duo that they made the song feel like “it was born as a duet.”

Megan Danielle dazzles with her rendition of “Head Over Feet.” Ed tells Megan that he felt like he was “watching a classic singer from the 60s” and says she has a “very unique.” Luke raves that Megan “nailed that” performance.

Iam performs “Guardian” in dedication to his mom. Alanis brings up Iam’s effortless empathy and believes he’s what the world needs right now. “You just always light the room up, and it’s obvious when you do,” Luke admits, referring to the rapturous applause after Iam’s performances.

Colin Stough
Colin Stough performing on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

Wé absolutely owns her performance of “Uninvited.” Alanis goes as far as to say that “it was chilling to behold you.” Ed says that he liked how Wé changed the arrangement and calls the performance “very powerful.”

Colin and Megan come together for an excellent country duet of “Dive.” Ed notes that whoever put Colin and Megan together “is a genius.” He adds that they “compliment each other so well.” Luke gushes that Colin and Megan gave the audience a “sweet moment and a sweet rendition” of the song.

Oliver is the final solo performance of the night and decides to showcase a side of himself no one’s seen with his performance of “You Oughta Know.” He does not disappoint. At the end of the performance, Oliver reveals that he’s shaved his dad and says he copied his dad!

Alanis raves that she’s “very proud” of Oliver for his performance. “I felt it,” Ed says, adding that it was a “really entertaining performance.”

The first person in the top 5 is Zachariah Smith! The next person safe is Megan Danielle, followed by Iam Tongi and Wé Ani. There’s only one spot left. The final person to make the top 5 is… Colin Stough. This means Oliver Steele, Haven Madison, and Warren Peay have been eliminated.

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