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Claudia Conway Reveals Why She Joined Playboy – Hollywood Life

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Claudia Conway opened up about why she decided to join Playboy in a Twitter thread. Shortly after joining the magazine’s “Centerfold” platform, the 18-year-old American Idol alum revealed she joined for “autonomy and freedom” in a thread on May 23, 2023. Claudia, whose mom is prominent Republican Kellyanne Conway, explained her reasoning as trying to control her own narrative.

Claudia explained that as a teen, she felt like the media took advantage of her, and this was an opportunity to flip the script. “When I was 15-16, I was exploited by the media, preyed upon, and was forced into portraying myself as something I wasn’t,” she wrote. “My body was taken from me.”

She continued and said she was happy to be her true self and portray herself in her own way. “Now, as a young adult, I am aiming to reclaim my womanhood and femininity in a way that is truly mine. I am putting myself out there in a way that is MY OWN and no one else’s. I have full control of my body and my voice,” she wrote. “I believe in writing your own narrative, like I’ve said in the past, and taking back what was once unjustly taken from you.”

Claudia poses with her mom Kellyanne at her ‘American Idol’ audition in 2019. (Photo Image Press/Splash News)

The model concluded with a show of support for some people who may feel the same way that she did as a teen. “Autonomy and freedom are two things everyone should have. Don’t let someone capitalize off of your vulnerabilities— reclaim them. sending you all light and love,” she tweeted.

Playboy announced that Claudia had joined the Centerfold platform in a post on May 23, 2023. Her account is free to follow for exclusive content. They expressed similar feelings to Claudia in a statement to The New York Post. “Claudia Conway is one of many women who have found freedom, autonomy, and major financial success on our creator platform,” they said. “We welcome her and support her choices.”

Claudia is the eldest daughter of former Special Counsel to the President Kellyanne Conway, who served under former President Donald Trump in the White House, and lawyer George Conway. The former couple has three more kids: George IV, Vanessa, and Charlotte. Kellyanne and George announced that they were divorcing after 22 years in March.

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