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Lupin Digital Health unveils heart failure e-clinic

The digital health arm of India-based pharmaceutical company Lupin has unveiled its e-clinic attending to heart failure patients.

Called Lyfe, the virtual clinic is manned by a team of paramedics, nurses, cardiotherapists, health coaches and care managers who support cardiologists in managing their patients. Without specifying, Lupin Digital Health said the clinic is equipped with AI-guided software and internationally-approved medical devices that help “provide clinically actionable alerts and insights.” 

It also has technologies that render real-time updates for doctors and offer patients with personalised care pathways, emergency services, and educational resources.


Over 10 million people in India today deal with heart failure, a progressive condition that is the leading cause of cardiac death. Lupin is addressing its growing burden on the country’s health system by enabling cardiologists to conveniently manage heart failure patients’ conditions from anywhere. 

Lupin, according to its India Region Formulations president Rajeev Sibal, seeks to “partner with every cardiologist in India, augmenting them with a multidisciplinary team of experts to help them better manage their heart failure patients.”

Based on results from initial implementation, Lyfe has achieved 88% compliance from patients, improved vitals, and reduced risk of readmission.


A number of e-clinics have propped up across India in recent years to help raise access to healthcare services, especially in remote and rural communities, as well as address the shortage of healthcare workers. Last year, startup CureBay, which runs a network of e-clinics in Odisha, raised $6 million in Series A funding to open more virtual clinics. 

In India’s capital, another startup, AkosMD, has launched an AI-powered clinic that offers integrated telemedicine and care management solutions and services.


Commenting on the launch of Lyfe, Lupin Digital Health CEO Sidharth Srinivasan said: “Our aim is to support cardiologists and caregivers in effectively managing heart failure, ensuring improved health outcomes for patients… We are committed to making this innovative solution accessible to as many patients as possible through collaborations with cardiologists and hospitals.”

This story originally appeared on MobiHealthNews

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