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BonBon Noir 2 As The Next Chapter In L. Erwan Kern’s Artistic Odyssey

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In the ever-evolving realm of artistic innovation, “BonBon Noir 2” emerges as a beacon of multidisciplinary creativity, furthering the legacy of L. Erwan Kern’s visionary project. With the initial chapter of BonBon Noir having set a high bar, blending psychedelic rock soundtracks with a vividly illustrated novel, this sequel promises to delve deeper into the intriguing world of Anita Black and her extraordinary journey.

The essence of BonBon Noir lies in its refusal to be pigeonholed into a single artistic genre. As described in the first chapter, it blends literature, music, and visual art, creating a unique, immersive experience. L. Erwan Kern, described as a comet in the artistic sky, brings his multifaceted talents as a songwriter, singer, and multidisciplinary artist to the forefront, ensuring that each aspect of BonBon Noir is crafted with meticulous detail and passion.

“BonBon Noir 2” is a continuation and an expansion of this universe. Kern’s approach to this project is like curating a cabinet of curiosities, where every piece, whether a piece of music, a line in the novel, or an illustration, is a crafted gem. The project transcends the conventional, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that appeal to the curious, the creative, and those seeking something profoundly different.

The first instalment of BonBon Noir was a testament to Kern’s dedication to crafting a detailed and captivating world, with references to cultural icons like Tarantino, David Lynch, Ennio Morricone, and Serge Gainsbourg. “BonBon Noir 2” is expected to continue this legacy, bringing more depth to the story of Anita Black, a character whose life represents a fierce struggle for freedom and an unquenchable thirst for life.

As we eagerly anticipate the release of “BonBon Noir 2,” it is clear that Kern’s project is not just a mere sequel but a continuation of a journey into an artistic world without boundaries, where creativity knows no limits. The project is a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the endless possibilities when different art forms converge.

BonBon Noir, The Start of a Saga

BonBon Noir,” a remarkable artistic venture, defies traditional categorization, blending elements of a book, a music album, a podcast, and potentially a film. The brainchild of L. Erwan Kern, the artistic director and singer of the rock group Flying Pooh, this project represents a collaborative effort that draws talents from various disciplines to create a multidimensional and multifaceted work of art​​.

At the heart of “BonBon Noir” is a novel, not just any. Each page turn aligns with the project’s soundtrack, enhancing the reader’s experience and bringing them deeper into the world of the main character, Anita Black. The narrative isn’t just written words; it’s a sensory journey complemented by a vinyl record that is almost a piece of art. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the novel’s physical aspects – from the quality of the paper to the exclusive illustrations and the limited, numbered, and signed copies​​.


Anita Black

The accompanying music album, “And So Be It Anita,” serves as the story’s soundtrack, guiding listeners through a psychedelic and rock atmosphere. Influences range from Tarantino to David Lynch and Ennio Morricone to Serge Gainsbourg, creating a hypnotic, dream-like quality. This album isn’t just background music; it’s an integral part of the storytelling, crafted with elegance and a diverse range of styles, from rock to pop, electro to acoustic​​.

In an exclusive interview, Kern describes “BonBon Noir” as an open mansion, welcoming the curious and the creative. The project’s limitless nature allows for the potential expansion into various forms, like jewellery, perfumes, and spirits, as long as they align with the story’s essence. Each creation under the BonBon Noir umbrella is crafted carefully, ensuring uniqueness and quality​​.

Kern’s vision for “BonBon Noir” extends beyond the conventional, aiming to make it a film. This ambitious project is a testament to his dedication to storytelling and his commitment to exploring and pushing the boundaries of creative expression​​. Bonbon Noir is a multi-faceted project, and to understand its full power, you need to check all the elements. You will quickly see how the Bonbon Noir universe is unlimited. The novel sets the foundation for everything. But it is not a standard novel. Each page you turn gets you into the soundtrack. Therefore, a beautiful Vinyl will be launched, almost as a piece of art. It will be a collector’s musical object, almost like a curiosity. All details will be taken to the ultimate level: beautiful 300gr paper, embossing, accompanied by exclusive illustrations, 150 numbered copies signed, a 4-page sheath cover, and gold etching.

Bonbon Noir 2 – And the Odyssey continues even further.

The journey of “BonBon Noir” continues with its second chapter, “BonBon Noir 2,” an artistic endeavour that transcends boundaries. This chapter marks a significant milestone, especially with the legendary Jim Diamond joining forces to mix and master the project’s second LP. Known for his iconic work with The White Stripes and The Sonics, Diamond brings a rich tapestry of rock heritage and a knack for raw, powerful soundscapes that promise to infuse “BonBon Noir 2” with an even more compelling auditory experience.

The collaboration with Diamond wasn’t a straightforward affair. It followed a tumultuous period of creative struggles and intense production efforts by the team. After two years of relentless work, including remixing, rethinking, and numerous creative debates, the team felt something was still missing – a sonic grandeur that only a maestro like Diamond could offer. His acceptance to work on the album was a serendipitous twist, adding an edge of rock nobility and an enigmatic allure to the project.


Diamond’s influence is expected to elevate the LP beyond its predecessors, enriching it with his signature blend of grit and finesse. Known for creating elegant and raw sounds, his involvement suggests an LP that’s not only rock but an epic saga in itself, enveloping listeners in an enthralling and haunting soundscape.

The visual aspect of “BonBon Noir 2” is equally noteworthy. SIXOSANTOS, a renowned tattoo artist, was tasked with the album cover illustration. His surrealistic art, sprinkled with 60’s graphic references, adds another layer of depth to the project. Meanwhile, Nicolas Lemonstre continues to shape the visual narrative of Anita Black’s adventures.


Further expanding its artistic footprint, “BonBon Noir 2” found a publisher, ensuring its reach extends to avid readers in bookstores. The project also ventures into the realm of podcasts and audiobooks, widening the scope of its storytelling.

The physical embodiment of the album, an 11-inch red vinyl, is a collector’s delight, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with the BonBon Noir brand. The project is a testament to the fusion of diverse artistic elements – a hallmark of L. Erwan Kern’s vision, now amplified by Jim Diamond’s legendary touch. As fans eagerly anticipate its release, “BonBon Noir 2” stands poised to redefine the boundaries of multimedia storytelling.

Final words on Bonbon Noir 2

As “BonBon Noir 2” gears up for its grand unveiling, it’s evident that this project is not just a continuation but an evolution of L. Erwan Kern’s artistic vision. With the legendary Jim Diamond infusing his signature rock authenticity into the mix and the visually striking contributions from artists like SIXOSANTOS and Nicolas Lemonstre, this chapter is poised to be an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

Now, more than ever, “BonBon Noir 2” needs your support to realize its ambitious vision fully. By visiting the Ulule page, you can be part of this unique artistic journey, contributing to a project that defies the conventional boundaries of music, literature, and visual art.

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Your support of Ulule fuels the project and becomes a testament to the power of collaborative art and the endless possibilities of creative exploration. Every contribution, big or small, propels “BonBon Noir 2” closer to its goal, ensuring that this eclectic mix of rock, storytelling, and visual art reaches a broader audience.

So, if your heart beats to the rhythm of groundbreaking rock and your soul thrives on the thrill of artistic innovation, head over to the Ulule page of “BonBon Noir 2.” Be a part of this rock ‘n’ roll renaissance, where every note, word, and brush stroke plays a part in crafting a masterpiece. Remember, in the “BonBon Noir” world, every contribution is a step towards an epic encore. Rock on and roll into this artistic adventure!

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