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‘I’m a diabetes doctor – these are the worst breakfasts for diabetics’

A diabetes specialist has revealed the five breakfast foods that are the “worst” choices for diabetics or “for any one of us”.

As breakfast breaks your overnight fast, the first food you have replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness.

Therefore, your first meal should go steady on your blood sugar, releasing energy gradually and also providing other essential nutrients.

However, people often gravitate to easy and sugary fixes that spell bad news for their blood sugar levels, an expert warned.

An Endocrine Specialist, known on TikTok as The Voice of Diabetes, took to her channel to outline the “worst” options for breaking your fast.

1. Cereal

The inexpensive crunchy food is bound to give you a blood sugar spike, according to the expert. She said: “They are loaded with carbohydrates and now we can see this on things like CGMs [continuous glucose monitors].

“Anytime a patient eats cereal, we see a significant rise in their blood sugar levels, usually, in about 15 minutes after eating it.”

2. Flavoured yoghurt

Another popular breakfast item the diabetes doctor advised against is flavoured pots of yoghurt. Similarly to cereal, these types of yoghurt are packed with carbohydrates which will give you an instant blood sugar spike.

Instead, the expert recommended reaching for plain Greek yoghurt and adding your own fruits to it. “That actually makes for a very delicious and nutritious breakfast,” she added.

3. Waffles, pancakes and French toast

These popular choices are loaded with carbohydrates on their own, but the expert warned that we tend to top them with things like syrup or honey “to make matters worse”. She said: “That definitely will cause a significant rise in your blood sugar levels.

“They don’t have any nutritional benefits, so you’re very likely to feel hungry right after.”

4. Smoothies

While smoothies can offer some health benefits thanks to their fruit and veg content, The Voice of Diabetes warned it’s “easy to overdrink on calories”. She said: “A lot of people will add a lot of fruit, not realising that banana or orange will cause a significant spike in blood sugar levels.

“Being careful with smoothies is definitely a must.”

5. Juices

Another staple of the breakfast table, fruit juices are just pure sugar. The expert said: “They strip away all the nutrients and all you’re left with is plain sugar.”

The diabetes specialist recommended having an orange or an apple as an actual fruit, but advised against having the juice component of it.

This story originally appeared on Express.co.uk

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