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Best Festivals With Latin Music in 2024 Around the Globe

As música mexicana and música urbana have emerged as global powerhouses within the music industry, they’ve not only captured the ears of international audiences but have also carved out significant spaces at some of the world’s most prestigious music festivals.

With reggaetón pop sensation Rauw Alejandro and corridos hitmaker Peso Pluma taking center stage at Governors Ball in New York, Sueños in Chicago, and Baja Beach Fest in Mexico — the latter two festivals placing substantial bets on these genres — it’s clear that Latin music’s influence continues to expand rapidly.

Reggaetón, in particular, has achieved this status years ago, as evinced with Bad Bunny headlining Coachella 2023 as the opening night’s main act, becoming the first Latin music superstar to do so in this top-tier event. This milestone underscores the genre’s historic ascent.

As Latin-focused festivals continue to cement their place in the international live-event arena, American fest giants are also welcoming the trend. The nostalgia-driven Bésame Mucho, originating in Los Angeles, has broadened its reach with editions in Austin, Texas.

Even in places historically less associated with Latin music, such as the U.K., the embrace is evident. Yet, La Línea, the London Latin Music Festival, returns with its 24th edition promising a diverse lineup with Lila Downs, Los Tigres del Norte, Ana Tijoux, La Yegros and more.

While this may not be an exhaustive list, it serves as a comprehensive guide to some of the genre’s most significant events. See our list below, arranged in sequential order.

This story originally appeared on Billboard

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