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Biden behind Trump in polls, Letters

Polling mysteries

Were I contacted by a pollster, I would agree with the results in this article: President Biden is not making a convincing case for reelection (“Voters still hedging,” March 13).

Why do pollsters not include questions about deportation or migrant apprehensions?

Biden would poll poorly on those issues, I imagine.

I think the media uses polls to manipulate and drive a narrative depending on their audience.

Regardless of what the White House says, people have grown weary of Biden and his pandering to voters.

Greg Raleigh, Washington DC

Aaron’s errors

Could things possibly get any worse for future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers (“RFK VP reveal on way,” March 14)?

First, he loses out as emcee of the popular quiz show Jeopardy.

Then he suffers a season-ending injury in his very first game as a New York Jet.

Now, rumor has it that Robert Kennedy Jr. is considering him to be his running mate in this year’s presidential election.

So, what’s next?

Maybe a DNA sample that proves his throwing arm is genetically engineered?

Bob Ory, Chicago, Ill.

Holy moly Francis

Pope Francis is once again putting his foot into global politics (“Furor at Francis after urging ‘white flag’ in Ukraine,” March 11).

He advised Ukraine to raise a white flag to stop the war.

Is he not aware that Pope Pius’ failure to condemn the slaughter of Jews by Nazi Germany left a stain on the papacy?

Francis should speak out against Russian aggression, against China’s inhumanity to Uyghurs and injustice everywhere around the globe

Anthony Bruno, Smithtown

Awards annoyance

How “Oppenheimer” won the award for best picture, I will never know (“Kaboom we all knew was comin,’ ” March 11).

I’ve spoken to very few people who liked the film, but as usual, the upper echelon of society is oblivious to what the ordinary person thinks or wants.

Hollywood can afford to believe the country is in good shape, because celebrities have enough money to think that way.

They don’t have to walk into a grocery store and worry about inflated prices.

Plus, Jimmy Kimmel making the awards political was ridiculous.

Brenda Hodgkiss, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Philly tragedy

Eight high school students were injured in last week’s mass shooting in northeast Philadelphia (“8 teens shot, including one struck 9 times, while waiting for bus in ambush attack in Philadelphia,” March 6).

Philadelphia has been one of the most violent cities in America for decades now.

The narrative has got to change and elected officials have to take charge.

Innocent youth who are waiting for the bus home after school are becoming victims of gun violence.

Alim Howell, Philadelphia

Big black markets

Selling fake IDs is nothing new (“Fakes take the cake!” March 14).

I have seen this firsthand in Los Angeles.

Illegal vendors set up shop and sell wares that appear to be from smash-and-grabs.

Homeless people set up tents and sell items that still have security bands from the stores they likely stole it from.

Laws and common sense no longer seem to be the norm in this country.

Palmer Woodrow, Las Vegas, NV

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This story originally appeared on NYPost

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