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Kalani Faagata Calls Fans “Inbreds” Amid Cheating Accusations


  • Kalani Faagata defends her relationship with Dallas, slamming fans for accusing her of cheating on Asuelu Pulaa.
  • Kalani clarifies that she never dated Asuelu and Dallas at the same time, emphasizing she is not a cheater.
  • Kalani’s decision to keep Dallas’ identity private may be due to his possible contract with 90 Day Fiancé, teasing a potential spin-off.

90 Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata is accusing fans of harassing her by claiming she wasn’t faithful to Asuelu Pulaa. Kalani from California lost her virginity to a much younger Asuelu during a vacation in Samoa. Kalani and Asuelu welcomed two children after their season 6 debut, but while Kalani complained about how irresponsible Asuelu was, she never told fans that he was cheating on her all along. Kalani decided to divorce Asuelu in 90 Day: The Last Resort. Kalani chose to date Dallas Nuez, a man she had met online.

Kalani Faagata slammed a critic for questioning her relationship with her boyfriend Dallas.

Kalani likes to conduct Q&A sessions with fans regularly on Instagram. Recently, someone asked Kalani, “And you left the resort to go have s*x with your side man” via TVShowsAce. Kalani couldn’t tolerate the fan accusing her of cheating on Asuelu. She said, “I always forget why I don’t explain myself and then the inbreds come and remind me.” Kalani revealed that she went to Florida to film 90 Day: The Last Resort in January 2023. “I was with one person at the time,” she added.


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Will Kalani Return To 90 Day Fiancé With Dallas?

Kalani didn’t just want to explain her side of the story while responding to her hater. Kalani said that since they were “on the topic of men,” she decided to click on the Instagram profile of the critic’s husband. Kalani shockingly revealed that the critic’s husband was in her DMs, messaging her. “So I wish you both the absolute best,” Kalani continued. Kalani later posted another clip to explain her relationship timeline with Dallas. Kalani revealed that both Asuelu and Dallas were from two different timelines and that she was never with them at the same time.

“So, two separate men, two separate times.”

Kalani revealed that her marriage with Asuelu had fallen apart by November 2022. Kalani said that she allowed herself to “dip” by this point because she’d had enough of Asuelu’s shenanigans. Kalani met Dallas soon after. Kalani said that she never dated Asuelu and Dallas “at the same time”because she is not a cheater, and she doesn’t cheat. Kalani has been trying to defend Dallas on her Instagram since she made her relationship official. Kalani refuses to show Dallas’ face online, perhaps to protect him from mean comments.

However, the secrecy Kalani maintains around Dallas might also be a sign of him being under contract with 90 Day Fiancé. Kalani is a prominent cast member with an equally interesting storyline. Fans would want to see her documenting her life with a new partner whom she met after ending a toxic relationship. Dallas might just join Kalani on an upcoming spin-off where the couple sets the record straight about their relationship timeline together.

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Source: Kalani Faagata/Instagram, TVShowsAce, Kalani Faagata/Instagram

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