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10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm lets fans race around as some of their favorite cartoon stars. However, not all racers are initially accessible and need to be unlocked the game’s currency called Race Shards. This currency can also be used to power up a specific racer and grant more crew slots.

The game is currently in early access but already includes several different Founder’s Packs for Disney Speedstorm. This could give some players an advantage as they might already have better characters unlocked right when starting. Still, dedicated players can catch up or play in the fully free regulated race mode.

10 Figment

Figment is the mascot of EPCOT in Florida and is currently the only racer representing the Disney theme parks. Due to this limitation, he only has a single rare crew member in the form of SMRT-1, who adds in top speed and handling. Therefore, Figment will have to make do with two common-level crew chips. However, Figment’s unique skill, Spark of Imagination, is incredibly useful. It blocks the vision of all other racers it hits, either in a blast radius or charged as a trail. Additionally, every enemy racer blinded will increase Figment’s own speed. At max stars, this can give Figment players a huge advantage.

9 Li Shang

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Li Shang is the defender rep for the Mulan series. He begins middling with stats, having no clear advantage or weakness. However, Li Shang can become fast and deadly with crew chips like Cri-Kee and Yao-Ling-Chien Po. With higher star levels, Li Shang can either utilize a long-lasting shield or deploy two bombs at once. Players that gain the epic crew member General Li will always start a match with a bomb and strengthen Li Shang’s signature move, Military Might. This normally sends a spinning staff that stuns anyone it hits ahead and then behind, or instead circling around Li Shang if charged.

8 Randall

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Randall is another balanced racer in Disney Speedstorm, resulting in a fair but not fantastic stat mix. However, as a Monsters Inc. racer, he has access to some of the best crew chips in all of Disney Speedstorm. This makes him highly versatile by mixing three out of four rare chips of Henry J. Waternoose, Ms. Flint, Yeti, and CDA. With both high stars and an epic Fungus chip, Randall will begin with a spruced-up bomb. Finally, his unique skill Scream Collector will make him invisible in normal mode or teleports him when charged. This move will give him one scream stock, and if five are earned, Randall will obscure the sight of anyone nearby.

7 Belle

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

As a speedster class, Belle begins with an excellent advantage in handling, acceleration, and boost. She can reach even greater max speeds with Disney Speedstorm‘s Beauty and Beast rare crew chips like Cogsworth or Philippe. Belle’s boost common skill also powers up as she gains stars, giving her a much-needed nitro fuel injection. However, her unique skill Enchanted Mirror is a bit double-edged. It not only increases her speed but also anyone else around her. This makes it only suitable when she is already in the lead and wants to further widen the gap. This actually means some players may want to avoid her epic crew chip, Maurice, as it will upgrade said skill.

6 Mulan

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

While Mulan’s class is trickster, she has the boost and acceleration close to a true speedster. She has the same crew chip assortment as Li Shang, though a different epic in the form of Mushu. This chip will grant her a free use of fire and power up her Firework Barrage special attack. This shoots a Stun Rocket forward or backwards depending on if used normally or charged. Mulan also strengthens the Hack skill as she levels up stars. This can let her disrupt enemies if she has fallen behind and then use her quick speed to gain a lead.

5 Donald Duck

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

As the temperamental sailor icon, Donald serves as a very powerful brawler class racer. He begins with a significant boost, acceleration, and handling. This gets even better with rare crew members like Horace Horsecollar and the Lonesome Ghosts. Donald is very notable for having a great mix of common offensive skills, including bomb, fire, and cloak. This means he can sneak up while invisible or devastate opponents in any direction. Donald’s unique skill is Why I Oughta… which erects a barrier that makes him immune to one attack. When this shield breaks, Donald becomes enraged and stuns anyone he collides with. This is fantastic when racing in a crowd but falls out of use if no one is around.

4 Mickey Mouse

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

As both a speedster class and head rep, Mickey in Disney Speedstrom can easily zoom ahead of the competition. He shares the same crew chip pool as longtime friend Donald. However, since Mickey has both the common shot skill and somewhat lower top speed, players should consider the Chip and Dale crew chip. This will allow a high-starred rank Mickey to fire deadly shots forwards or backwards. Much like Belle, Mickey’s unique skill Trailblazer is very risky as enemy racers can share in its glory. It usually enhances speed, but if charged will instead make Mickey and those nearby invincible for a short duration.

3 Elizabeth Swann

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm‘s Elizabeth Swann is another great defender that specializes in handling and acceleration. As one of the Pirates of the Caribbean racers, she can add Pintel and Ragetti to her crew for even more of the aforementioned stats. With these two’s single chip allocated and/or high star levels Elizabeth will have an extra strong cloak common skill. This skill allows her to sneak by undetected and stun enemies in a huge radius when reappearing. If Weatherby Swann is also in her crew, Elizabeth will have an empowered Jade Captain’s Knot. This causes Elizabeth to dash and pushes or outright stop enemies depending on whether used normally or charged.

2 Meg

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Meg is a powerful trickster racer that has both fantastic handling and boost. However, her top speed could be improved. She can make up for this by using Phil, along with Amphityron and Alcmene, as her Hercules series crew chips. Her true power comes from using the Muse epic-level crew chip, which enhances the unique skill Grecian Burn. In normal mode, Meg is faster, and its duration extends for every opponent she passes. This can be an excellent means of going from last to first place quickly. Alternately, in charged mode Grecian Burn instead makes Meg completely intangible, meaning hazards will go through her.

1 Mike Wazowski

10 Best Racers in Disney Speedstorm

Mike from Monsters Inc. has the winning combination of a great class and crew chip selection. He begins as a high acceleration Disney Speedstorm speedster but also has access to Henry J. Waternoose, Ms. Flint, Yeti, and CDA crew members. This means he has the same significant advantages as Mickey or Belle while being very customizable, like Randall. Mike also has one of the best unique skills via Hold the Door. This places down doors that teleport the user forward but enemies backward. The only thing against Mike is that his combat and top-speed stats are among the worst. Still, a wide selection of strong chips can remedy these issues.

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    Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play racing game from Gameloft featuring various heroes and villains across the Disney universe. Players engage in high-speed racing antics as they gather items, hit speed ramps, and perform tricks as they strive for the top spot. Races are set in various Disney-themed circuits, such as a Monsters Inc.-themed course and a Beauty and the Beast castle-themed course. Disney Speedstorm has no firm release date or window yet.

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