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10 Paldea Evolved Cards We’re Most Excited For

The Pokémon Trading Card Game’s upcoming Paldea Evolved expansion will include many new cards, building on the base created by the preceding Scarlet and Violet set. Of course, as with any set, some of these cards will be more interesting than others, either to play with or simply collect. Those already revealed promise to bring stunning new designs and mechanics to the Trading Card Game.

With the release of the Paldea Evolved expansion, there will be new Pokémon ex cards added to the Pokémon TCG, including the final evolutions of Paldea’s starter trio. Most of Paldea Evolved’s full Western appearance has not been officially revealed, although several have leaked on social media, and Paldea Evolved is already known to be collecting cards from several smaller Japanese sets. As a result, it is clear that some truly exciting additions are coming to the TCG.

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10 Boss’s Orders Special Illustration Rare (265/193)

This Special Illustration Rare is the latest version of a card that has existed for about three years now. Boss’s Orders has depicted the leaders of Pokémon’s various villainous Teams since 2020’s Rebel Clash expansion, which depicted Giovanni. Paldea Evolved’s new version of Boss’s Orders, however, presents Team Plasma’s Ghetsis as he plots his next move. Although its effect is relatively simple, Boss’s Orders will put a damper on any plans to remove a Pokémon card from danger. Moreover, the artwork itself is beautiful, showing the evil, self-proclaimed Sage pensive as he toys with chess pieces atop a map.

9 Paldean Wooper Illustration Rare (221/193)

The Paldean Wooper Illustration Rare card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

One of the latest cards to be officially revealed, this Illustration Rare Paldean Wooper shows the adorable new Poison/Ground-type variant relaxing in a pool of mud. Although weak in attack power, Paldean Wooper will nevertheless provide a tactical edge to any TCG deck, allowing players to easily obtain Stadium cards with ‘Find a Home’. Naturally, this will help to set up many devastating combinations without needing to rely so heavily on the luck of the draw.

8 Sudowoodo Illustration Rare (219/193)

The Sudowoodo Illustration Rare card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

Although this card’s English text is technically unknown, the Spanish version (as revealed by PokéBeach) can be translated to reveal an interesting attack effect. Sudowoodo’s 20-damage attack appears to block all damage and effects dealt to Sudowoodo during the opponent’s next turn with a successful coin flip. As a result, a lucky player could wear down an opposing Pokémon without reprisal until it is weak enough to finish off in a final strike. Additionally, the Illustration Rare artwork for Paldea Evolved shows off Sudowoodo’s iconic camouflage, with the Pokémon blending in remarkably well with the actual shrubbery on either side of it.

7 Bellibolt ex (079/193)

The Bellibolt ex card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

One of the next Pokémon ex cards to enter the Pokémon TCG, Bellibolt ex’s artwork is positively electrifying. Lightning bolts and fragments of rock burst from the confines of the illustration box, with the Pokémon itself looking uncharacteristically serious as it attacks. Its attacks are equally impressive; Jumping Press allows it to deal significant damage to any of the opponent’s Pokémon, while Paralyzing Ball comes with an optional paralysis effect. Although the discarded energy cost for paralyzing the opponent may seem disproportionate, it is optional, and in any case, can be easily remedied with other cards like Energy Retrieval.

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6 Ceruledge (098/193)

The Ceruledge card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

Ceruledge is a Rare card specially designed to counter certain Pokémon card variants. Its Fighting Sword attack, which already deals 100 damage, doubles in power against Pokémon V and Pokémon ex. This makes the card a perfect choice for any player facing a tough opponent, but it becomes even more potent against Fighting-type cards like Koraidon ex, whose 2x weakness will see it defeated in a single stroke of Ceruledge’s sword.

5 Copperajah ex (150/193)

The Copperajah ex card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

Another of the new Pokémon TCG Paldea Evolved ex cards, this elephantine Pokémon card comes with a reduction in damage completely separate from its Grass-type resistance. The Bronze Body Ability means that Copperajah has incredible staying power on the playing field, giving it the potential to truly devastate an opponent. Few Pokémon cards will be able to survive even one Nosequake attack, and the additional damage to benched Pokémon means that any replacements will be dispatched even easier with every strike.

4 Paldean Clodsire ex (244/193)

The Paldean Clodsire ex card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

Paldean Clodsire ex pairs extremely well with its pre-evolved form, turning the Stadium cards found by Paldean Wooper into another avenue of attack. Toxic Wetland allows the player to Poison an opponent’s Active Pokémon every turn while a Stadium is in play. The damage this will inflict helps to make up for the risk of using Needle Bone, which could itself prevent Paldean Clodsire ex from attacking every other turn for a particularly unlucky player. Meanwhile, the Special Illustration Rare art for Paldea Evolved shows Clodsire enjoying a soak, building upon the scene shown in Illustration Rare Paldean Wooper.

3 Tyranitar Illustration Rare (222/193)

The Tyranitar Illustration Rare card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

The artwork for this Illustration Rare Pokémon TCG card is an awe-inspiring sight. The pseudo-legendary Rock/Dark-type Tyranitar looms high above the viewer’s perspective while a flock of Staraptors flies through an orange sky. The scene is simply beautiful and is sure to make this card a highlight in any collection. Of course, this Tyranitar is a powerful force in battle as well, able to power up the more foes stand against it. With a full bench on the opponent’s side, Rout will live up to its name by dealing 180 damage, and Dread Mountain will finish off any opponent.

2 Orthworm Illustration Rare (224/193)

The Orthworm Illustration Rare card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

Yet another stunning Illustration Rare card from Paldea Evolved, a pair of Orthworms can be seen leaping through the air in what appears to be Paldea’s Asado Desert. Although it initially has only 130 HP, Orthworm’s Ability means that with three Metal Energy this skyrockets to 130 HP. This pairs extremely well with the Energy cost of Shoot Through; when starting out on the Bench, Orthworm should have every opportunity to become the Active Pokémon with a full 230 HP and a 100 damage attack ready to go.

1 Meowscarda ex (256/193)

The Meowscarda ex card from the Pokémon TCG's Paldea Evolved expansion.

One of the three final evolutions of the Paldean starter trio, and the only one of the three to have the English appearance of its ex card revealed at present, the Special Illustration Rare version of Meowscarda ex is a perfect example of technical power and aesthetic beauty. It offers a dramatic glimpse of Meowscarda living in Paldea, looking almost sly as it stands in a tree overlooking a town. Meanwhile, its battle capabilities hold a wonderful synergy; the Bouquet Magic ability means that Scratching Nails can always be at full power, even against a completely fresh opposing Pokémon.

Of course, these cards represent only a tiny fraction of the Pokémon TCG’s next expansion. With so many new effects and potential combinations being unveiled asPaldea Evolved’s release date draws closer, not to mention all the incredible artwork on display, there are certainly many more interesting cards on the way. But of all the cards glimpsed so far, these are certainly some of the most exciting upcoming additions to the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Sources: PokémonTCG/Twitter, PokéBeach

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