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5 Actors Who Could Have Starred in the Titular Role

Wednesday has become one of the most streamed TV shows to ever hit Netflix. Based around the character Wednesday Addams and her family, it shows Wednesday attending Nevermore Academy, where she can embrace who she truly is with people like her. The series received two Golden Globe nominations, with special praise for Jenna Ortega’s performance. Thanks to the series’ popularity, it has officially been renewed for a second season with most of the main cast returning.

While we know Ortega for her iconic performance as Wednesday Addams, there are a few other actresses who could have potentially taken on the role. The creators of the series had a specific image in mind that Ortega fit perfectly from the beginning, but had they been more lenient with their wishes of Wednesday’s portrayal, we could have very well seen someone else take on the role. Here are 5 actors almost cast in the titular role on Wednesday.

Dafne Keen

20th Century Fox

Known for her outstanding performance as Laura in Logan, Dafne Keen is a British-Spanish actor who has already made an excellent impression on audiences everywhere. Keen’s performance in Logan stuck out alongside award-winning actors, like Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman, proving her talent as an actor being able to perform under a great deal of pressure. Her resting face alone makes her a great contender, as well as her Spanish background, which the creators were keen on including in Wednesday.

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Camila Mendes


Camila Mendes first came to light through the Netflix original series Riverdale. She has gone on to star in a number of TVseries making her a potential contender for playing Wednesday. Her appearance and her Latin background made her a very strong actor who was considered for the role. Her snarky nature would have brought something unique to Wednesday’s character as well as bringing a deadly deadpan expression. All of these things combined make Mendes a strong contender for the role of Wednesday.

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark
HBO Entertainment

Maisie Williams became known globally after her performance as Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Arya is well-known for her courage and resilience, being a fighter in every sense of the word. Wednesday’s character shares some of these characteristics, albeit in a different way. Williams has her own distinct style, which shows that she could easily pull off the Wednesday look with her own unique flair. She would have brough a whole new vibe to Wednesday, and it would have been interesting to see her take on the role.

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Bella Ramsey


Thanks to The Last of Us, Bella Ramsey has shot to superstardom, with special attention paid to her chemistry with Pedro Pascal. Ramsey’s portrayal of Ellie has been praised left and right, doing justice to the beloved video game character thanks to her perfect casting and performance. Seeing Ramsey take on the part of Wednesday would have been quite different from Ortega, perhaps with more snark than ever before seen in any portrayal of the Addams Family character.

Adelaide Kane

Torrance Coombs, Adelaide Kane, and Toby Regbo in Reign
CBS Television StudiosĀ 

Adelaide Kane has starred in Reign and Teen Wolf, taking on heavy dramas throughout her career among a diverse filmography. While Kane is over 30, her youthful appearance and overall expression give her the right look for Wednesday. Due to her age, Kane most likely would never have been cast in the role; however, given the opportunity, she could have portrayed Wednesday in her own dramatic way. In an alternate universe where an adult Wednesday is needed, Kane could easily take on the role.

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