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Best Biomes For Every Resource In Minecraft Legends

Despite being part of the same franchise as the world’s most popular sandbox game, Minecraft Legends does not involve mining for resources. Instead, the procedurally generated map has all the resources players need to be scattered around the Overworld. These resources can help build defenses and support armies, so long as players find the right biomes to collect them.

Nine resources are available in Minecraft Legends: Wood, Stone, Iron, Redstone, Coal, Gold, Prismarine, Lapis, and Diamond. While some resources, such as Wood and Stone, are available at the start of a new campaign, others require Improvements to unlock. Additionally, different resources can help spawn different mobs, such as Golems, Skeletons, and Zombies.

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Where To Find All Resources In Minecraft Legends

Wood is the most common resource in Minecraft Legends and can be easily found everywhere. However, Forests and Jungles are the best places to find Wood, as they are full of trees. Stone is also found everywhere, but players can destroy the stone structures in the Fatelands or Dry Savannahs for the best resource farming. Iron comes from Forests and Dry Savannahs, Coal can spawn anywhere but usually in the Badlands and Meadows, while Redstone is found in Minecraft Legends Jungles. Finally, Diamonds come from the Tundra or Jagged Peaks.

Lapis, Gold, and Prismarine are not tied to any particular biomes. Instead, players get these valuable resources from the Piglins. Lapis spawns when players kill Piglins, while Gold and Prismarine can appear in Piglin Chests or while destroying Piglin buildings. Lapis and Prismarine can also generate in Village Chests.

Lapis, Gold, and Prismarine must be collected quickly, as they despawn rapidly after defeating Piglins or defending Villages.

How To Use Resources In Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Blast Tower, with a skeleton on a mount in the foreground

Stone and Wood are the primary resources used to build structures and mob spawners. Wood is the basis of Plank Golems, while Stone creates Cobblestone Golems. Iron is the other resource used in Towers and significant systems, spawning Grindstone Golems and Mossy Golems while also awakening the First of Brick. Coal lets players upgrade their defenses and build Scatter Towers. It helps generate Creepers and can revive the First of Diorite. Diamond builds Ice Traps and Power Towers while spawning Skeletons. Redstone aids in constructing Power Towers in Minecraft Legends, spawning Zombies, and building Redstone Launchers.

Players need Lapis to spawn any mobs, making it one of the most essential resources in the game. Gold is used in activating Power Towers and Firsts, while Prismarine unlocks Improvements at the Well of Fate. By the end of a Minecraft Legends campaign, players will have hordes of resources to defeat the Piglin armies.

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