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Chicago Med’s New Love Triangle Is A Huge Mistake

Messy love stories are built into the fabric of Chicago Med, but sometimes, the show takes it a bit too far into soap opera territory, which is what happened with season 8, episode 20’s love triangle. The NBC series is no stranger to love triangles, and from time to time, this trope produces exciting stories that leave viewers on the edge of their seats. However, the latest love triangle forces the audience to look away as a result of secondhand embarrassment.


As fans recall, Sean is Dean Archer’s estranged son who came back into his life at the beginning of season 8. Sean is an ex-convict with a history of drug addiction, but he’s on the road to recovery, and his reconnection with his father has been a highlight of recent episodes. Unfortunately, that all might be for nothing because the writers teased that a love triangle might be brewing between Sean, Dean, and Hannah Asher, which has the possibility of being one of the most cringe-worthy storylines Chicago Med has ever done.

Sean Confessed That He Has Feelings For Asher In Chicago Med

In Chicago Med season 8, episode 20, the hospital ran some tests on Sean to see if he was a kidney donor match for his father. While waiting around for the results, Sean spent a lot of time with Asher, and it was obvious that the two share chemistry. Later in the hour, Sean confided in Dean that he had feelings for Asher. However, Dean tried to dissuade his son from starting a relationship while he was still in recovery (and pointed out that Asher is also recovering from drug addiction).

Toward the end of the hour, Sean witnessed a moment between Dean and Asher that seemed more than friendly. She had pulled a prank on him, which made the doctor spill his coffee all over himself. Asher helped him clean it up, and they were giggling like teenagers. Based on Sean’s reaction, it’s safe to assume that he believed the interaction between the two doctors was romantic. It’s possible that Sean just misread the situation and that miscommunication (another frustrating trope) will ensue. But it wouldn’t be surprising if the writers intended the moment to be romantic, leading to an awkward love triangle between a father, a son, and Asher. If it’s the latter, that would be a mistake on Chicago Med‘s part since there are so many other creative paths the show could have taken.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Is Recycling Old Storylines

Crockett Marcel wears black scrubs in Chicago Med season 8, episode 20.

Another reason why this storyline between Sean, Dean, and Asher would be unwelcome is that Chicago Med has already done an unwarranted familial love triangle before. In season 7, Crockett Marcel was caught between Pamela Blake and her daughter, Avery Quinn. It was an awkward situation, to say the least, and it ended badly for all parties involved.

The writers would be repeating a cringe-worthy storyline from one season ago if they choose to go down the romantic route in Asher and Dean’s relationship. However, if they remain friends and Sean’s misinterpreted the exchange between the two doctors in the break room, then all of this worrying was for nothing. But as mentioned above, Chicago Med isn’t afraid to introduce wild plots, so fans should brace themselves as season 8 heads into its finale.

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