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FFXIV: How to Overmeld Materia

Advanced Materia Melding, also known as Overmelding, is a process in Final Fantasy XIV that lets players meld additional Materia to an equipment piece beyond its available slot limit. Materia is a unique recurring item in the Final Fantasy series that boosts players’ stats when inserted in their gear. Likewise, in Final Fantasy XIV, Materia can significantly affect the amount of damage or healing a player does in combat. Even slight stat increases via Overmelding could spell the success or failure of a group, especially in serious Raid parties.

However, Overmelding does come at a cost. While having an increased number of Materia attached to one’s equipment can be beneficial, there’s also a chance of failure in melding, ending in the Materia being lost forever. As a result, players should only attempt to Overmeld on their best current gear. On the other hand, Materia isn’t cheap, and the risk-reward endeavor of Advanced Materia Melding can fetch players a good deal of Gil in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How To Overmeld Materia In Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the ability to Overmeld Materia in Final Fantasy XIV, players must complete the two prerequisite quests located in Black Brush of Central Thanalan. The first quest, “Forging the Spirit,” can be accepted at Level 19 with any class.

Speak to Swynbroes at X: 24, Y: 13.8 in Central Thanalan, and he instructs the player on how to Extract Materia from gear with a Spirit Bond of 100%.

The following quest, “Waking the Spirit,” is given by F’hobhas, who teaches players how to meld Materia to their equipment. Again, players must reach Level 19 of a crafting job in FFXIV to accept this quest. Once “Forging the Spirit” and “Waking the Spirit” have been completed, players can finally accept “Melding Materia Muchly,” the Level 25 quest that unlocks Advanced Materia Melding in Final Fantasy XIV.

Speak to Mutamix, a friendly goblin located at X: 23.8, Y: 13.6 in Central Thanalan. Mutamix requires the player to Meld 8 Materia in front of him.

The easiest way to complete this objective is by melding the one Materia in an empty gear socket. Then, open the item’s drop-down menu and retrieve the Materia that was just inserted. Next, attach the same Materia back into the now-empty slot. Repeat this process eight times to complete “Melding Materia Muchly.”

Players will now have unlocked Advanced Materia Melding, allowing them to Overmeld Materia to their gear. A total of five Materia can be added to one piece of equipment — a process also known as “Pentamelding.” Players wishing to optimize their high-level gear should focus on Pentamelding their equipment with their job’s most important stats. For example, Summoners in Final Fantasy XIV should prioritize Critical Hit Materia for the highest damage output.

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