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How To Salvage Weapons In Redfall

One of the most common pieces of loot found in Redfall‘s vampire hunting first-person action are weapons, which players have the chance to salvage for in-game currency to spend at different shops for other items. Doing this also clears up inventory space for players to keep other things they might find while exploring the small town infested by bloodsuckers. Vendors are constantly raising prices on bigger and better weapons, so breaking down old ones is often the right call.


Weapons in Redfall come in five rarity types determining how much currency players can salvage them for. Between Pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, and Assault Rifles for the standard arsenal and the more vampire-specific Flareguns, UV-Lights, and Stake Launchers, there are tons of guns players have a chance to find as they explore. Rarity progresses from White as the most common to Green, Blue, Purple, and finally, Orange as the rarest kind to discover.

How To Break Down Weapons in Redfall

Knowing how to salvage weapons remains a thing players should know before playing Redfall, and thankfully the process can be done from a character’s Loadout menu. Selecting any weapon from the Backpack allows players to salvage it by holding down a button, usually LT on a controller or G on a PC. This step applies to any weapon in the game, so players are only limited to the number of items they have available to break down.

Players can salvage weapons by holding the LT button on their controller or G on their PC when hovering over a weapon from their Loadout menu.

All broken-down weapons provide the same currency no matter what rarity is salvaged. Players will most likely use this money to purchase more ammunition for the three main guns on their weapon wheel or medical equipment to help during dangerous sections like Vampire Nests. Since there isn’t exactly a pause button in the game, players are recommended to salvage weapons in a safe area outside of combat.

Even though players can break down weapons, they, unfortunately, have no options to sell any guns to the shop or other players. Despite the extensive multiplayer present in Redfall, players can only not choose a weapon when it drops as loot to ensure their friends might have a chance to grab it. Learning how to salvage weapons in Redfall does give players a good idea of what to do once loot becomes less useful at later stages of the game.

  • Redfall game poster


    PC, Xbox Series X


    Arkane Austin

    Bethesda Softworks

    Open-World, Action, FPS, Adventure

    Bethesda Softworks


    Redfall is a first-person shooter/action co-op game from Arkane Austin, the developers behind Prey and Deathloop. Vampires roam the land, and in the town of Redfall, Massachusets, they’ve managed to find a way to block out the sun and keep the inhabitants trapped from the outside world. Alone or together with other survivors, players will battle against the creatures of the night and rid the town of vampires once and for all. The game allows players to pick from one of four unique survivors, each with extraordinary battle and support abilities, from magic to guns, to face off against the undead and the corrupted living.

    How Long To Beat:
    20 hours

    Legendary Edition Available:
    Bite Back Edition

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