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Meg Foster Joins Masters of the Universe: Revolution Voice Cast

Mattel has revealed that Meg Foster is making her return to the Masters of the Universe franchise. Back in 1987, Foster appeared as the villain Evil-Lyn in the live-action feature film version of Masters of the Universe. Now, more than three and a half decades later, it’s been announced that Foster has joined the voice cast of Netflix’s animated series Masters of the Universe: Revolution, a follow-up to Revelation. Foster will be playing the role of Motherboard, an ancient sorceress of technology in the fight for the soul of Eternia. You can see a look at her character in the announcement image below.

Motherboard is described as a “formidable foe against the Masters, focused on plunging Eternia into imminent darkness. Acting as Hordak’s liason on Eternia, Motherboard is a powerful sentient artificial intelligence that uses her nanovirus powers to manipulate Skeletor and the people of Eternia as she aims to esnare the planet, and Grayskull, as a prize for Hordak.”


Addressing her casting in Revolution, Foster said in a statement, ““My part in Masters of the Universe more than 35 years ago remains one of my most cherished roles. I am both thrilled and honored to come back into the fold to embody a brilliant, all-new villainous character that adds color to the vibrant storytelling that Kevin Smith and Mattel have brought to life for fans around the world.”

“It’s not often that original and beloved actors return to their legacy franchises, so we are excited for the opportunity to welcome Meg Foster back to Eternia,” Mattel TV’s Senior VP and GM, Fred Soulie, also stated. “Her presence in the original live action film left an undeniable impact on fans, so much so that it cemented the film in the pop culture zeitgeist for over 30 years, causing her formidable work as Evil-Lyn to set the stage for Meg to enrapture audiences once again, now as the villainous Motherboard.”

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Masters of the Universe: Revolution Continues the Story at Netflix


The series picks up after the events of 2021’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the animated series on Netflix from Kevin Smith. Foster joins cast members Chris Wood as He-Man, Melissa Benoist as Teela, Mark Hamill as Skeletor, and William Shatner in a mystery role. This time, the rivalry between He-Man and Skeletor is taken to new places with the introductions of a deadly new threat, the likes of which Eternia has never seen before.

“After Revelation comes… REVOLUTION!” Smith announced when it was revealed that the show would return. “I’m ecstatic to be making more Masters of the Universe with Mattel and Power House Animation for Netflix. Big thanks to everyone who streamed our show last summer! You gave us the Power to go back to Grayskull for another epic Eternian adventure!”

Masters of the Universe: Revolution does not yet have a premiere date. For now, you can stream the previous season, dubbed Masters of the Universe: Revelation, on Netflix.

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