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Showtime Developing Revivals Of Two Popular Shows (Though One Star Objects)

Nurse Jackie and Weeds revivals are in the works at Showtime. Both developed by Robert Greenblatt, Weeds and Nurse Jackie are two of Showtime’s most popular series, airing for a combined 15 seasons and receiving seven Emmys. The former followed Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, the widowed mother of two boys who begins selling marijuana to support her family following her husband’s death, while the latter starred Edie Falco in the titular role as a drug-addicted ER nurse who isn’t afraid to cross ethical boundaries.


Now, Showtime is reportedly reviving its two signature comedy series. According to Deadline, Nurse Jackie and Weeds revivals are currently in the works with their respective original stars, Falco and Parker, set to return. The publication’s sources specify the sequel series are still in the early stages of development with deals being ironed out. Justin Kirk, who played Nancy’s brother-in-law Andy in the original series, publicly objected to the Weeds revival minutes before the news broke, accusing Showtime of “trying to drag its tired carcass out.” Read Kirk’s full comments below via Variety:

Even as a fan, do you really want to see us all old and coming back? By the time of Season 8, I don’t think the general idea was, “We should keep doing this!” Look, I love those people, I love that character. I probably know as much as you do about any future reboots. I know they were talking about it, about what it could possibly be. I had heard rumors of various iterations. Once, I heard about it being a prequel with younger characters, and then you just see us in flash forwards. So I have no idea. Although weirdly enough, I did recently hear of it again, so they may be trying to drag its tired carcass out.

Everything We Know About The Weeds & Nurse Jackie Revivals

Though both shows are still in the early stages of development, the Weeds revival would be written and produced by Christian Torpe, a newcomer to the series who is known for creating the popular Danish comedy Rita. The sequel series will reportedly see Nancy relocate from Los Angeles to Copenhagen. In 2019, a previous iteration of the Weeds sequel series for Starz from writer Victoria Morrow was set to follow the Botwin family in a modern era of marijuana legalization.

On the other hand, the Nurse Jackie revival would be written and produced by two returning creatives, Abe Sylvia and Liz Flahive, who served the same roles on the original series, though they are still working on a concept for the revival. Greenblatt is an executive producer on both revivals, which are being fast-tracked to premiere in early 2024 dependent on the writers strike ending in time. News of the Nurse Jackie and Weeds revivals come at a time when Showtime recently ordered spinoffs of other popular series such as Dexter, Billions, and The L Word.

Source: Deadline/Variety

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