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Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious Journey Will Have a Surprising and Satisfying Conclusion According to Director.

Fast X is revving up for its release this weekend, and is expected to take the top spot at the box office with early reviews being mostly positive about the formerly penultimate movie in the Fast & Furious franchise. While there has been plenty of speculation about how the cliffhanger ending of the tenth movie in the saga will leave its characters, director Louis Leterrier has been teasing where the saga will ultimately come to its end in Fast 11. In an interview with Collider, Leterrier said:

“The moment I read the script, how it unfolded and how it was like a reverse Fast & Furious, I asked that question. Then we started talking about it, and then, you know, I didn’t know I was going to do the next one, but it was very important for me, in order to plant the right seeds, to know where it was going. So that’s what we had to come up with, where it all ends.What I can tell you is that we know exactly where the franchise ends today. We know where we’re ending. The roads we’re going to take are going to be different, but we know where it all ends, and I know as a fan it’s both sort of satisfying and truly surprising. As you know, fan service is tricky because you want to deliver the right thing, but you wanna surprise the people, you don’t want to give them exactly what you know everybody’s expecting the Fast & Furious franchise, where it’s going to end up.”

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Will There Be A Fast 12?

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That is currently something that is up in the air. For the last year it has been stated time and time again that Fast 11 will pick up directly after the events of Fast X and conclude the story of Vin Diesel’s Dom. However, ahead of this weekend’s Fast X debut, there have been growing rumors that the farewell party for the franchise could be extended to a third movie, and with Dwayne Johnson seemingly returning to the saga in a reported post credits scene, why would they not want to keep the engine running a little longer?


Whatever happens, the early reviews around Fast X have been pretty positive, and although the believability factor went out of the franchise a long time ago, the action sequences have been ramping up to almost Mission: Impossible levels. Throw in a massively theatrical turn by Jason Momoa as the movie’s villain Dante, and it seems like the stage is set for one of the biggest and most successful movies of the Fast Saga.

It is certainly possibly that a healthy box office and good reviews could spur on the idea of doing a 12th movie, but the real question is will they be able to maintain the same standard across all three films? While Fast X and its sequel could be a great finale to the franchise that started out so simply and low-key back in 2001, pushing for that extra instalment could see the saga run out of gas before the finish line.

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