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Was ‘Succession’ Season 4, Episode 8 Like ‘Veep’? — TV Questions

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Succession, 9-1-1, The Flash and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | While we appreciate the vote of confidence for her shadow Cooper, shouldn’t Silo‘s Juliettte have chosen the far more experienced Knox to help her repair the generator blade? (And as TVLine reader Jon noted, why would the Founders even build a generator that can’t be stopped for more than 30 minutes for maintenance?!)

2 | Wouldn’t last week’s Fire Country have made a helluva season finale? Isn’t the show better when it has some villains (e.g. Sleeper, Nozzle) to balance out all the do-rights? Speaking of, what’s with the phone call from Luke that Sharon lied to Vince about…?

3 | On Succession, between the hotly contested election, all the foul-mouthed barbs and the slapstick scene with Greg pouring lemon La Croix into a guy’s wasabi-inflamed eyes, didn’t this episode feel more like a missing episode of Veep than anything Succession has ever done?

4 | Fear the Walking Dead kept reluctant blood donor Madison in a cell for seven years, and yet she emerged not only looking no worse for wear but not a day older?

5 | Were you relieved that Ride‘s Cash/Val thing didn’t pan out? Doesn’t it feel a bit forced?

6 | How many viewers of The Voice thought when the first of Sorelle’s backup dancers appeared behind them during their rendition of Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’” that the former coach was surprising them mid-performance?

7 | Considering the 9-1-1 finale ended with Bobby and Athena boarding a cruise ship, is there any chance that next season’s premiere won’t be a Poseidon Adventure-style event in which they help fellow passengers escape a sinking vessel?

8 | Jordan and Layla getting engaged, Asher and Jaymee having a baby…. The All American writers know these are only college freshmen, right? Also, with all those London jokes in the Season 5 finale, how badly were you hoping Daniel Ezra would be able to showcase his real British accent?

9 | How nice a touch was it that NCIS had Man From U.N.C.L.E.‘s David McCallum back for a case involving a spy named Illya whose last name had been Kuryakin? Shades of Gibbs circa Season 2!

10 | How did NCIS: Hawai’i‘s Tennant expect cuffed-to-a-post Whistler to tend to any “bodily functions” for three whole days? And could Jane at least have scooted over a chair?

11 | As many TVLine readers pointed out, why isn’t ABC re-airing some Hulu or Disney+ originals to fill out their fall schedule?

12 | Did anyone else get flashbacks to Schitt’s Creek‘s “whisper of desire” incident when The Bold and the Beautiful hilariously had Steffy going on about how she’d spied Hope “gazing with desire” at Thomas? Also, who talks like that?!?

FBI13 | Watching this week’s FBI, were you thinking, “Pfft, Stabler wouldn’t put up with this Organized Crime kid for a second”?

14 | Did The Flash‘s future Allegra really ask how Eddie didn’t look “a day older” when she, Chester and Cecile did not look any older after the 26-year time jump? Also, is “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” the only Cobalt Blue theme song the show could afford? It’s a bit schmaltzy for a villain origin story.

15 | Chicago Fire fans, were you starting to wonder how long an arson investigation training program could possibly last when it was revealed that Severide is now working a big case? And is this story oddly reminiscent of when Stella wasn’t keeping Severide in the loop while she was away for Girls on Fire?

16 | Which part of The Challenge: World Championship‘s final was the most brutal: The 20+ mile run, that hellacious mountain climb, or the shock collars that prevented them from sleeping?

17 | Survivor fans: Now that we have our Final 5, which castaway are you placing your bets on for the big win?

Ted Lasso18 | How far into Ted Lasso‘s Uncle Day festivities did you get before you realized that Roy’s sister is the doctor who treated Dr. Sharon in Season 2?

19 | Do XO, Kitty‘s title character and long-distance boyfriend Dae have a ridiculous amount of patience for hormonal teenagers? (They were long-distance for four years without ever sharing a kiss, or even seeing each other in person!)

20 | Wouldn’t you think that Station 19‘s Jack would be better protected from concussions by his incredible head of hair? Also, is it safe now to declare Theo the absolute worst?

21 | Ⓐ Was the wedding of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Simone and Trey the least suspenseful in television history? Ⓑ How cheap a trick was it for the show to make Nick (and us) think, however briefly, that Meredith had moved on with Gilles Marini? Ⓒ Wouldn’t Jo and Link’s declarations of love have been more satisfying if they hadn’t been delayed for so long for no reason other than their unwillingness to communicate like functioning adults? Ⓓ And how delightful is it to see Helm finally, finally (!) get a love interest?

Young Sheldon 6x22 Spoilers22 | What are the chances Young Sheldon‘s Meemaw, who keeps her money stashed in a Raisin Bran box, has homeowners insurance to — spoiler alert! — cover the damage after her house was destroyed by a tornado?

23 | If Law & Order: SVU‘s Benson was hit in the hip during that diner shoot-out, was making her stand up — and having her hop into Stabler’s arms — really the best next step in treating her wound? And the minute that Organized Crime‘s Whelan started talking about the big vacation he had planned, did you know he was a goner? On that note, on a mission that had such a high possibility of ending in a shootout, explosion or both, why was there only one medic on hand?!

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

This story originally appeared on TVLine

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