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Where the Netflix Series Is Filmed

There’s no such thing as being too old for treasure hunt stories. They are entertaining, have high stakes, use fun history-obscure facts (that tend to be complete fiction with some notes of realism), and are action-packed. Netflix’s Outer Banks is all of the above, and with incredible scenarios and a fun cast with a lot of chemistry, it is not a surprise the show was a success, and it’s going for its fourth season. The continuation of this story is set to be released between May and August 2024, so there’s still a bit of time before we know what will happen to these beloved characters. But there are a few tricks not to miss them as much, and one of them is to plan a trip to the locations the series was filmed.

If there’s one thing producers, or movie and television lovers, know, it’s that filming on location can become quite expensive. The whole crew has to be taken there, and the places have to be rented… And that’s why a lot of stories are filmed inside studios nowadays. This was actually the reason why another show from the streaming service, Sense8, was canceled: traveling around the world was too expensive to shoot. However, some stories demand natural locations, and Outer Banks is one of them. With the treasure hunt comes beautiful cinematography that makes the audience want to join the pogues on their beautiful beaches and woods.

Here are the locations Outer Banks used to create the fun Kildare Island, the story’s main location. As well as where they shot the other locations as the series progresses and the characters start to travel abroad.

What Is Outer Banks About?


Outer Banks is a fun teenage adventure mimicking some good old treasure-hunting movies like Indiana Jones. The series is set in the fictitious Kildare Island. Following the pogues (nominated after living on the poorer side of the island) JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and John B. (Chase Stokes), the ex-pogue Kiara (Madison Bailey), and the kook (the richer islanders) Sarah (Madelyn Cline), they will have to put aside their multiple differences if they want to uncover the location of the Royal Merchant shipwreck, that holds a treasure worth 400 million dollars.

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The beautiful sea and natural landscape caught many people’s attention, wondering if they could ever visit the locations shown on the television series. It is nice to see a television show that is not set inside a studio and knows how to dutifully appreciate the natural beauties of places not used so much as a scenario. Nevertheless, the art of cinema, of creating and deceiving the viewer with tricks, is not unused in the show, as some locations are not where you would first think of when watching the show.

Outer Banks Seasons 1 and 2


Kildare Island is the main setting of Seasons 1 and 2. That’s the scenario where the group of young adults has their adventure haunting down the treasure – and escaping personal problems. It is a fictitious barrier island on a beach town in North Carolina. The real locations are not far off, some in North Carolina, including Dare County and Kill Devils Hill. The main location of the show is in Charleston, South Carolina. The show also utilized landmarks from South Carolina, such as the Hunting Island Lighthouse, located on Hunting Island and Seabrook Island. Some places that are a part of the story, such as Pope’s dad’s restaurant, are real as well. Fans can visit the restaurant at the food market located in Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. This harbor is the main location for all the harbor scenes on the show.

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At the end of Season 1, John B. and Sarah are stranded and end up in the Bahamas. Those scenes weren’t filmed in the Bahamas but in the Careenage area of Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. Fans of the show can even go to the hotel the characters went to when they first arrived, the Fairmont Royal Pavilion, as well as most of the places they visit while there. This showcases how very few times the stories are set in the same place they are filmed, but Outer Banks surprisingly utilizes places very close to where they state they are in to shoot the show. Also, choosing North and South Carolina, as they aren’t as big and demanded locations as Los Angeles and New York, helps a lot to make a show that can be produced.

Outer Banks Season 3

Outer banks s3

Season 3 starts with a bang: a plane crash. The budget for the new season is already bigger than the other ones, and that allowed almost all episodes to be shot outside the United States. Thankfully, the characters are all alive and well, and the cast must have had a blast filming the scenes in Port. St. Charles, a Caribbean marina. They needed a new scenario for their new adventure. They are now after the lost city of gold, El Dorado.

The characters move to a private island, which they name Poguelandia in Season 3, called Bathsheba Beach, located in Barbados. The capital of Barbados becomes the main setting for the pogues’ adventures while in the Bahamas. And later, when the group of friends flies to South America, it is actually also shot in Barbados. When the pogues return to their town, most of the locations of the two previous seasons appear again. The city of Charleston is revisited and used to create Kildare Island. Giving a sense of nostalgia and contrast to the pogues and the viewers alike.

Outer Banks films in various nice places to watch and visit. While waiting for the new season, show fans can visit these places and feel closer to the pogues and their adventures, and maybe find a new clue that can help them find their lost treasures.

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