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Why A Megamind TV Show Is Better Than A Movie Sequel

A Megamind TV show is an even better prospect than if the film had a sequel. The new series is set to arrive on Peacock sometime in 2024. The Dreamworks series is currently called Megamind TV Series, after changing its previous name, Megamind‘s Guide To Defending Your City. The change was exciting because it opened the series up to fully explore the main character instead of acting as a Hero’s handbook. Not much has been revealed about the show’s plot yet, but it’s said Megamind is on a mission to become the first superhero influencer. That said, he appears quite villainous in the show’s poster.


Megamind followed the main character, voiced by Will Ferrell, on a mission to take down Metro Man, but by the end of the film, he had transformed from a villain to a hero. The film, unfortunately, fell short of other Dreamworks films’ success as it became Dreamworks’ lowest-grossing CG animated film of the 2010s. However, there was enough demand for a sequel for the TV show to be picked up. A TV show instead of a sequel is good news for a lot of reasons, as TV shows allow more time to fully explore plots, characters, and backstories. A TV show also fixes some of the film’s issues.

A Megamind TV Show Avoids The Movie’s Problems

Megamind wasn’t a failure, as it took in $321 million worldwide with a $130 million budget. However, it was going up against a Pixar-dominated market, putting it at a disadvantage. Pixar already has Elio and Inside Out 2 set for 2024, with the recently announced Toy Story 5 coming in the future. This would once again set Megamind up to fail if Dreamworks had released it as a sequel because it would have tough competition. Dreamworks also recently confirmed Shrek 5 is in the works, further setting a Megamind sequel up for failure.

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The film is also hard to sell to a young audience because the main character is a villain, and kids usually want to see films led by heroes. Even though Megamind is a hero by the end of the film, the TV series will likely explore his villainous background and may even feature him struggling with letting go of his past in order to be a good hero. Expectations are different for television, giving the Megamind TV series more potential to succeed.

Why Megamind Deserved A Sequel

Megamind does finger guns from Megamind

Megamind‘s clever plot set it apart from other superhero vs. villain films, and its ending left enough open for a possible sequel. While the film briefly explores Megamind’s past, there’s a lot more of his story that the TV show can delve into. Also, since the original film was overshadowed, the TV series can give it its due as it deserved first time around. The sequel can see the character grapple further with his identity, deciding if he’s good or bad, which the film only directly addressed at the end of Megamind.

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