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Best Theories for the Dracula Horror Movie

Ever since Bram Stoker wrote Dracula in 1897, the world has been captivated by vampires. But now, 126 years later, we are finally getting a look at the “missing chapter” in movie form.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter will fill in the gap of one of the most frightening and enigmatic chapters. But the question is, what direction will they take?

What Is The Demeter?

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The Demeter is the ship on which Dracula traveled from Varna to England. In the novel, the chapter is told by way of the captain’s log. This log discusses the fact that the ship took on a cargo of large crates on board and set sail for London. However, during their trip, crew members began disappearing, and there was a strange presence aboard the ship. Crew members were starting to panic.

The ship enters the harbor as a ghost ship, coming through the fog with only a dead man at the helm clasping a crucifix. This strange phenomenon is reported in two newspaper clippings that are read by Mina Harker.

There is nothing else said about the ship other than this single chapter.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

Last Voyage of the Demeter dracula ship
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The film will seek to fill in the gap in the captain’s log by showing what happens between the crates being picked up in Varna and when the ship arrives in London.

The trailers have shown that the crew, consisting mostly of men but also some women and at least one child, definitely encounter Dracula in his most monstrous form. In fact, the film seems very similar to the tone of the original Alien film. A group of working men encounters a force they are unqualified to deal with but are forced to figure out a way to fight.

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In the end, the film must qualify as a standalone. There does not seem to be any way to create sequels unless the producers decide to bookend with the actual Dracula story.

Three Theories About the Film

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There are a variety of ways to handle this film. Some of them are conventional, following similar tropes to other films, while others could be completely outside the box. It all depends on how safe the director wishes to play.

One of the most important pieces of this film will be its ending. If it decides to be a true horror story, evil needs to win. Evil winning is also the most conventional way to create this story since, in the original captain’s log, nobody survives. The ship arrives with no bodies on board except for the captain, strapped to the helm.

Therefore, if they decide to do anything but have everyone somehow die by the end, it will be a strange decision. The characters, regardless of how redeemable they are, should not be redeemed. Their fate, in canon, should be sealed. This is a losing battle against an unstoppable foe who is only getting stronger with each person it kills and drains.

With that in mind, They may take the Alien route. This would mean creating a film that follows characters on the boat for various reasons with different skills. Due to these skills, some may die quicker than others, but they will eventually be picked off one by one. The final survivor will most likely be the child, but in order to stay true to the Dracula story, they will end up overboard as the ship continues. They will also be found by a passing boat whose crew will not believe their story.

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Another version would have the characters somehow knowledgeable about the creature. In this case, there will be one character with the knowledge while the others hear about it little by little. This means they will still be picked off, but in the end, the last person to die is the individual with the knowledge as they realize there is nothing they can do.

The final version involves at least one character wanting to help Dracula. This character will be the creepy one. The Renfield. The person who is the today to his master. The others will be murdered by him until the others realize what is happening and that it is not just this person murdering, but murdering to satiate the creature.

Does This Mean It Will Be Good?

Demeter Poster
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Any one of these theories could fall through. However, the main way the movie could fail is by allowing someone to live on the ship. The film must end with a final shot of the ship entering the harbor with no living souls aboard. We, the audience, will realize that it was a futile fight and that the passengers were dead the moment their feet touched the planks of the ship.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter will certainly be a new twist on an old tale. However, what the studio will do with something this meaty remains to be seen. They could wind up with blood on their faces.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter hits theaters on August 11.

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