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24 Of The Best Quotes In Euphoria, Ranked

Content Warning: This list includes mentions of drug use, sexual assault, and mental health.

The HBO show Euphoria has garnered controversy thanks to its adult themes in a high school setting, but the series’ characters and its all-star cast have propelled the show to victory — here are the best Euphoria quotes. Euphoria is based on an eponymous Israeli miniseries but decided to expand the story to last several seasons. The show follows Rue (Zendaya), a teenager who lives with her mother and younger sister Gia (Storm Reid) and is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and OCD. The story picks up after Gia caught Rue nearly dead from a drug overdose. Now fresh from rehab, Rue struggles to stay sober and maintain her relationships.

Rue’s story isn’t the only one that’s told, as the cast of Euphoriaproves the series is an ensemble effort. It also follows Rue’s childhood friend, the straight-laced Lexi (Maude Apatow), and her popular sister Cassie (Sydney Sweeney). Rue finds a new friend in the new transgender student Jules (Hunter Schafer), but she’s holding a secret for popular bully Nate’s (Jacob Elordi) lecherous father. It-girl Maddy (Alexa Demie) attempts to balance her toxic relationship with Nate, while she and Cassie’s friend Kat (Barbie Ferriera) fights for body positivity. Then, there’s Fez (Angus Cloud), Rue’s drug dealer who tries to look out for her. These are the best Euphoria quotes.

24 “I’m Extremely Confused.”

Cal Jacobs — “Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys” Season 2, Episode 3

Cal Jacobs’s confrontation with Fezco was one of the single most hilarious scenes of an otherwise very serious second season, and it results in one of the best Euphoria quotes. Cal may be competing against Nate in terms of villainy, but this was a rare comedic moment from him — and very eye-opening, as well. And, ironically, it causes Cal to be more sure of himself than ever.

Cal realized that Nate had lied to him because he was covering up an awful thing that he did. Additionally, Nate had been romantically involved with Jules, who Cal had slept with. The shock that Cal feels in this moment is what sends him into a spiral that ends with him abandoning his family.

23 “I Feel Like I’ve Framed My Entire Womanhood Around Men.”

Jules Vaughn — “Part Two: Jules” Euphoria Special Episode

Jules looking confused in Euphoria

Due to the long gap between seasons 1 and 2, creator Sam Levinson released two special episodes centered around Rue and Jules, giving Jules one of the best Euphoria quotes. The Jules installment provided a deeper dive into her complex character and everything regarding her thoughts on life, relationships, and so much more.

As a trans woman, it was important for Hunter Schafer to co-write the episode and add truth to the story. While she is talking to her therapist, Jules delivers one of her most memorable quotes from the special, explaining a lot about her and the things she does. She doesn’t want to cater to the male gaze anymore, and it actually rings true for several girls on the show like Maddy and Cassie.

22 “Wait, I Don’t Understand. If You’re Not Auditioning For Oklahoma, Then Why Do You Look Like That?”

Kat Hernandez — “Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys” Season 2, Episode 3

Kat and Maddy in the bathroom on Euphoria

Besides the fact that this is one of the few scenes that Kat has had in season 2 of the show, finally giving Kat one of the best Euphoria quotes, it is also very indicative of how chaotic Cassie’s actions look from the outside. During the episode in which Cassie is trying every style she can to catch Nate’s eyes, she is so caught up in her own world that she doesn’t see how ridiculous she looks.

Kat brings a refreshing burst of reality into her awareness. She sees right through Cassie’s charade and is the first to call her out on her bizarre behavior. As Kat says later to Maddy after their confrontation, she never trusted Cassie, and so it would seem that she sensed something was going on.

21 “Because You’re Smart And Cruel. But, Not Really.”

Nate Jacobs — “You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can” Season 2, Episode 4

Maddy and Nate talking on Euphoria

It’s unclear what is going on in Nate’s mind in season 2. In some ways, it seems like anything that he says to Maddy before he gets the disc is a play to be in her favor. Their entire interaction at her babysitting job is odd. He can’t even admit that he knew she loved him. During the episode, Nate comes out with one of the best Euphoria lines when he says he loves Maddy because she’s “smart and cruel, but not really.”

Maddy responds with “not really smart?”, then Nate comes back with “not really cruel.” The characteristics Nate “loves” in Maddy is vastly different than Cassie’s temperament. Where Maddy is composed, Cassie is vulnerable and emotional. The mind games with Nate never end, and this is a perfect example of that.

20 “This Drug S*** – It’s Not The Answer.”

Fezco — “Pilot” Season 1, Episode 1

Fezco on a couch in Euphoria

Many people on the show are deeply flawed and come across as someone fans don’t necessarily want to root for. However, it seems like the one Euphoria character who fans unanimously want to be their bestie is Fezco. Though he’s a drug dealer, he’s depicted as the ultimate good guy on Euphoria and has a heart of gold. This is displayed in one of the best Euphoria quotes when Rue comes to Fez out of rehab looking for drugs, and he says to her: “I don’t know how to help, but I could tell you one thing: this drug s*** – it’s not the answer.”

While he may have played a part in Rue’s addiction, and anyone would be hard-pressed to find a drug dealer that doesn’t just want to sell their wares, he is a legitimate and loyal friend who wants the best for her. Fezco admits he doesn’t always know what’s right, but this line perfectly captures his good heart and that he would much rather Rue be off the drugs, even if it means losing a top client.

19 “I’m Just Saying Love Is A Million Things.”

Maddy Perez — “’03 Bonnie and Clyde” Season 1, Episode 5

Nate and Maddy talk on her birthday on Euphoria.

The relationship between Nate and Maddy is easily the most unhealthy on the show, giving audiences some of the most toxic Euphoria quotes, as they spend their time being awful to each other and have been shown to be abusive both physically and verbally. Maddy was even held at gunpoint by Nate and was still professing her love for him as he held the gun to her head.

Maddy struggles to recognize what healthy love looks like because of her connection with Nate, and fights with her mother over her relationship with Nate in season 1, episode 5. The cycle of abuse has led her to believe that love needs to be “dark” in order to be passionate. To her, love really is a million things. It’s rage, apologies, physical violence, passionate sex, love-bombing, and vicious insults.

18 “I Feel Like Her Sobriety Is Completely Dependent On How Available I Am To Her.”

Jules Vaughn — “Part Two: Jules” Euphoria Special Episode

Rue and Jules lying on a bed together and looking at each other

Jules has done some very controversial things that make no sense in Euphoria’s second season. She gets jealous of Elliot and then flirts with him, as well as sleeping with him after she finds out he was also a drug addict. But, at the heart of her frustrating behavior is fear. Her special episode between seasons 1 and 2 came through with some of the best Jules Euphoria quotes, this being one of them.

Jules revealed to her therapist that her friendship and romance with Rue put a lot of pressure on her. It seems like Rue puts her sobriety on their bond, staying off drugs when they’re together and relapsing when things got awry between them. So, while she has true feelings for Rue, there is some resentment that she feels like Rue’s “reason” for being clean, and also her reason for relapsing.

17 “What’s A Bigger Feeling Than Love?”

Elliot — “Out of Touch” Season 2, Episode 2

Dominic Fike as Elliot on Euphoria

It’s entirely unclear what Elliot’s intentions are with Rue and Jules in season 2. He admits that he’s attracted to Rue, then to Jules, tries to orchestrate a threesome with the two of them, then reveals Rue’s relapse to Jules before they hook up. Elliot’s character is certainly bizarre, but he has some pretty good Euphoria quotes.

It doesn’t seem like Elliot knows anything about love, but his poignant reply to Jules when they’re talking and her and Rue’s relationship is much deeper than is expected from his character. So many of the Euphoria characters are chasing the idea of “love” and so few seem to understand what that means and the implications of it.

16 “That’s Not A Kid, That’s My Business Partner.”

Fezco — “Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door” Season 2, Episode 1

Javon Walton as Ashtray in Euphoria

Fezco and Ashtray have a brotherly relationship that’s truly heartwarming. As audiences learned in Euphoria season 2, Ashtray was dropped off at Fez’s grandma’s house as collateral and never picked back up. Ever since, Fez has been very protective of Ashtray and vice versa, with their relationship giving audiences some of the best Euphoria quotes.

This quote is especially meaningful because it’s the exact same thing Fez’s grandma said about him when some man at a drug deal called Fez a kid and insinuated that he shouldn’t be there. It showed the immense respect that his grandma had for him and the respect that Fez has for Ashtray now.

15 “Do You Wish I Was Different?”

Rue Bennett — “And Salt the Earth Behind You” Season 1, Episode 8

Jules and Rue talk in bed in Euphoria

Rue and Jules’s friendship started as one of the best of the show for a lot of reasons. However, the problems of each character’s personal life took a toll on their bond, and their complex relationship has garnered some of the most heartbreaking Euphoria quotes. Rue even flat-out asked Jules if she wished that Rue wasn’t exactly who she is.

Viewers know from Rue’s narration in both seasons that she has a lot of self-hatred and is, admittedly, suicidal. There are many things about herself that she wishes she could change, and she only seems to admit this out loud in her most vulnerable moments. Thankfully, Rue is currently on a path of self-acceptance and happiness.

14 “Plenty Of Great, Intelligent, Funny, Interesting, And Creative People Have Struggled With The Same Things You Struggle With.”

Leslie Bennett — “Pilot” Season 1, Episode 1

Leslie Bennett on the phone on Euphoria

The opening sequence of Euphoria lets viewers know immediately that they are in for a wild ride. Rue, one of Zendaya’s best performances, is introduced, and it’s clear that young Rue is overwhelmed, confused, and dealing with her mental health. With one of the best Euphoria quotes, her mother tries to reassure her that she is not alone in her struggles, and great, famous people such as Vincent Van Gogh had similar disorders.

Leslie has continued to struggle with how to support Rue — as any parent would. She oscillates between tough love and overwhelming positivity, trying to find a balance. With Ali’s help, she’s getting a better sense of what to say and do, as she arguably has a better handle on things in season 2 than in season 1.

13 “I Liked The Way I Dressed You, But I’m Worried I F***** With Your Gender Expression.”

Jules Vaughn — “And Salt the Earth Behind You” Season 1, Episode 8

Rue and Jules smiling at their prom

Jules is known for her extravagant fashion style and makeup, while Rue is more simple and boyish. When Jules dresses Rue for their school prom, resulting in one of the few Euphoria quotes that suggest Jules is bad for Rue, Rue ends up with a much more colorful and sparkly look than she usually goes for. It’s a beautiful look though, and as expected, Rue rocks it.

Jules’s observation about messing with Rue’s gender expression is a sort of foreshadowing of her own gender expression. Not only does Jules revamp the way in which she presents herself in season 2, but fans also learn from her special that she’s been thinking about stopping her hormone treatment as she figures out the relationship between her and her gender.

12 “It Wasn’t The Violence That Scared Her. It Was The Fact That She Knew No Matter What He Did, She’d Still Love Him.”

Rue Bennett — “’03 Bonnie and Clyde” Season 1, Episode 5

Maddy looking like she just cried in Euphoria.

Despite the mistakes she may have made, Maddy is one of the most popular characters in Euphoria and has some of the best Euphoria quotes. She initially appears like the typical beautiful and conceited girl who is dating the football captain at school, but her character is more complex than that. Her boyfriend, Nate, is abusive and possessive, and it’s frustrating to watch Maddy struggle with him in both seasons.

The most heartbreaking part, however, is finding out what Maddy realizes when Nate crosses the line. She comes to understand that he is not right for her, yet she also knows that, for some reason, she loves him too much to leave him. Sadly, this was just the beginning of her awakening with Nate, and she’d soon discover just how far he would go to scare her.

11 “I Feel Like Love Is Super Dark And No One Ever Talks About It.”

Cassie Howard — “And Salt the Earth Behind You” Season 1, Episode 8

Cassie walks away from Nate on Euphoria

Cassie seemed to see her future when she said one of the best Euphoria quotes in season 1. She thought love was dark with McKay, but she has not one idea what’s in store for her with Nate Jacobs in her shocking season 2 arc.

This quote also eerily mimics something that Maddy says at the bowling alley with Jules when they’re discussing Kat and Ethan’s relationship. Maddy posits that passionate love needs “darkness,” and that’s what she misses about Nate. Unluckily for both girls, Nate’s type of darkness is physical violence and emotional manipulation.

10 “She Hated Her Life, Not Because It Was Bad, But Because When You Hate Your Brain And Your Body, It’s Hard To Enjoy The Rest.”

Rue Bennett — “Shook Ones: Pt II” Season 1, Episode 4

A young Jules looks through a window

One of the most significant issues that get covered by Euphoria is depression, resulting in some incredible Euphoria quotes about mental health. When Jules is introduced, viewers learn that she is depressed as a young teenager trying to find herself. So much so, that her parents placed her in a psychiatric hospital. Body image, self-confidence, and self-love were some of the things she struggled with the most and that’s why she hated life.

When she reaches 17, she is obviously in a better place, but Jules seems to still be plagued by some insecurities and emotional stress. Her journey with self-love and expression continued through season 2, along with some heartbreaking and emotional moments as she questions her relationship with her gender identity.

9 “And Unless You’re Amish, Nudes Are The Currency Of Love. So Stop Shaming Us.”

Rue Bennett — “Pilot” Season 1, Episode 1

Nate and Jules in the Euphoria special

There are countless shows about teenagers, but Euphoria is by far one of the most accurate ones in its representation of the youth. Not only does it get the slang right, but it also accurately portrays the way that relationships and romances are sparked, resulting in some of the best Euphoria quotes. As high school students in 2019, the characters are part of Gen Z – a generation that is more exposed to sex than any other generation, because of the internet.

Jules, typical of her generation, not only goes on a dating application to find a guy to date but also communicates with this guy by exchanging nudes. Rue, as narrator, says this line to the audience, and it’s a fantastic way of reiterating that they should not be shamed for this.

8 “Even Though You Know You’re Depressed, You’re Unable To Stop Yourself From Getting Worse.”

Rue Bennett — “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed” Season 1, Episode 7

Rue depressed in bed watching TV

Rue often falls into depressive episodes, which leads to some poignant Euphoria quotes about mental health. And when she does, she has no idea how to deal with it, and it’s part of the reason why she turns to drugs. There’s an entire episode dedicated to Rue narrating her depressive episode, and the way that she talks about depression is refreshingly but tragically accurate.

She talks about how slow and gradual of a process it actually is, and how one can feel themselves sinking deeper and deeper, but it’s impossible to get out. The entire monologue acts as a metaphor for Rue’s addiction. She feels herself — especially in season 2 — falling deeper in until she has completely lost control of her life altogether.

7 “But It Also Gave Her Anxiety Because It Meant That In The Good Times, There Would Be Bad Times.”

Rue Bennett — “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed” Season 1, Episode 7

Rue at the funfair in Euphoria

Throughout the series, Rue and her mother are seen working through a difficult relationship. Her mother Leslie is overprotective and mistrustful of Rue even after her daughter left rehab, and Rue continues to lie to her mother and, worse, use drugs behind her back. In Rue’s depressive episode installment, she reveals one of the best Euphoria quotes: “I had a therapist once who said that these states will wax and wane. Which gave my mother relief, because it meant that in the bad times, there would be good times. But it also gave her anxiety because it meant that in the good times, there would be bad times.”

Leslie’s desperation and anxiety for Rue are kept deep within her. Even as she tries to stay positive and motivating for Rue in her recovery, she is plagued by the fear that her daughter will kill herself, as fans heard her sobbingly beg the hospital staff to take her as an inpatient.

6 “Maybe People Are Nostalgic About High School Cause It’s, Like, The Last Time In Their Life That They Get To Dream.”

Cassie Howard — “And Salt the Earth Behind You” Season 1, Episode 8

Cassie Lexi and Kat at their prom in Euphoria

Euphoria may focus on mental illnesses, but it marries those themes with the trials and tribulations that high schoolers face, dishing out some truly relatable Euphoria quotes. Whether that’s interpersonal drama between their friends or stress about school, audiences need to remember that these are still teenagers, despite their mature activity.

Cassie, especially, is a daydreamer. In season 2 she has completely deluded herself about Nate, their relationship, and the morality of her actions. She dreams of Nate being the ultimate man of her dreams, entirely unaware of the monster that he truly is and how little he cares for her.

5 “You Fell In Love With Someone Who Spent Years Making Fun Of You. It’s Sad.”

Lexi Howard — “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood” Season 2, Episode 6

Euphoria season 2 Maude Apatow as Lexi

Lexi is usually soft-spoken and timid, so this reality check that she gave to Cassie in episode 6 was long-awaited, and one of the best Euphoria quotes from the normally quiet character. In fact, both Lexi and her mom Suze didn’t give Cassie any slack on the situation between Cassie, Maddy, and Nate, which was very appreciated by viewers.

Lexi has entered into a new era in her life. She is being unapologetically herself, and many Redditors had rightly predicted that her play would reveal secrets within the friend group that she’s held onto for a long time. This moment of Lexi standing up to Cassie is just one of many to come.

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