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Molly’s 8 Most Glam Revenge Body Pics After Kelly Split

90 Day Fiancé star Molly Hopkins has completely transformed her style since the rumors of her split with Kelly Brown began earlier this year. The Georgia resident has been part of various controversies since her last appearance on 90 Day: The Single Life. The issues started when Molly was rumored to have fallen out with her former best friend, Cynthia Decker, which later turned out to be true. After that, it was noticed that Molly had stopped posting pictures with her boyfriend Kelly, which made everyone speculate that something had happened between the three.

Over the months, Kelly and Cynthia have thrown major shade at Molly for being abusive and narcissistic. However, the 90 Day Fiancé star hasn’t responded to the controversy and kept herself busy with her business. Recently, Kelly was involved in an alleged physical altercation scandal with Molly’s daughter, Olivia Hopkins. At the same time, Olivia became part of another scandal where her past video showed her roasting her mom. For now, 90 Day Fiancé fans don’t know what’s true and why all of Molly’s close friends have left her be. However, the one clear thing is that Molly is completely unfazed by the drama.



8 Molly Reveals Full-Body Transformation

In early April 2023, Molly posted a photo showing her full figure on Instagram. She captioned the post by tagging her weight loss supplement brand while posing in front of a colorful background. In the picture, the 47-year-old reality star wore a vibrant blue, white, and yellow top with an inked pattern, alongside black pants highlighting her toned waist. She sported cool red sneakers with matching tinted glasses to complete her glamorous look. With hundreds of likes, Molly got much appreciation from 90 Day Fiancé fans for looking absolutely “phenomenal” in her stunning makeover.

7 Molly Shares 3-Year Weight Loss Makeover

Molly posted a 3-year comparison of herself in May 2023 and glammed up for the fans. In the video, the single mom showcased two pictures of herself. First, she showed herself sitting in her office wearing a casual outfit, headband, and green earrings. Then, Molly flaunted her lean physique in an all-black dress with a green sporty cap and full makeup. Molly used the post to promote gut health and got hundreds of likes from inspired fans. Someone even wrote, “You look freaking HOT girl,” and got a loving reply from the 90 Day Fiancé star.

6 Molly Looks Confident In Black

Molly loves wearing all-black outfits, but always makes herself look different. On May 1, she posted a video promoting her LiviRae Lingerie brand and looking glamorous. The post showed her sporting a black designer top with multiple zippers. She left her hair down, and wore minimal makeup that exaggerated her new sharp facial features. Molly’s post got much love from fans, who liked her “fearless leader” persona and applauded her inspirational mindset. At the same time, others told her that she looked fabulous and showered her with supportive comments.

5 Molly Slays In Pink After Losing Weight

Molly has embraced vibrant colors since losing weight and achieving her new toned figure. In late April 2023, the single mom shared a picture of her pink and black makeover on Instagram that stunned hundreds of fans. The post showed Molly wearing a pink coat with a quirky leopard pattern near the ends. She also sported matching pink sneakers that complimented her coat and black bell-bottom pants. Molly used the post to showcase her great fit and inspired fans to get a free fitting from her, which would otherwise cost $50.

4 Molly Gets Glammed Up In White

Besides wearing edgy black and darker shades, Molly likes to tap into her inner goddess and loves flaunting all-white makeovers. In March 2023, she posed with her friends Janelle and Christine Brown from Sister Wives in a photo where she embraced her angel persona and sported a designer outfit. The picture showed Molly wearing a white top and skirt. She also wore gold jewelry to enhance her look and sported white flowers around her neck. Most 90 Day Fiancé fans were happy to see the former reality TV star looking that good.

3 Molly Wears Skin-Tight Black Dress

Molly has been posting many photos that have showcased her full body transformation. Near Valentine’s Day 2023, she shared an impressive makeover on Instagram, where she wore a beautiful black dress with a see through pattern highlighting her toned body and waist. She wrote, “Damnnnn ..I love this pic,” in the comments and showed love for herself. Molly looked confident in the post, with her sharp jawline, makeup, and neon-green nail paint. 90 Day Fiancé viewers told her how her weight loss has made her look fabulous after her split from Kelly.

2 Molly Celebrates Her New Fit Body

Molly has been flaunting her fit physique in some of the coolest skin-tight outfits since her split from Kelly. In late April 2023, the mom of two shared multiple mirror selfies and photos embracing two unique all-black outfits. The first picture showed her wearing a stunning glamorous top and pants, perfectly highlighting her toned body. Another picture showed her wearing a dark raven-colored one-piece outfit that exaggerated her curves. Molly told her fans how she cared about them and told them to use her weight loss supplements if they wanted to “get fit” by her.

1 Molly Reveals Results Of Weight Loss

A few months ago, Molly posted a cute video showing her before and after weight loss figure. In the snaps, she looked like a model, wearing a black crop top and tight pants, and proudly displaying her flat gut to her followers. Molly shared that it was her 2-year transformation, adding that she lost over 40 pounds while fixing her IBS-related health issues. She motivated everyone, stating that anyone “can do anything.” The 90 Day Fiancé star showcased how much weight she had lost before celebrating the progress of her customers, who have also transformed their physiques.

Source: Molly Hopkins/Instagram, LiviRae Lingerie/Instagram

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