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Wednesday Showrunners Reveal Christina Ricci Almost Didn’t Make It Into The Show

When it was announced that Christina Ricci would be part of Netflix series Wednesday, it was a full circle moment for many fans of the 90s Addams Family movies. According to the show’s creators, Ricci’s involvement in the show almost didn’t happen due to the actress’s commitment to filming Yellowjackets and being pregnant at the time they were planning to shoot the series.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar spoke to Michael Rosenbaum on the Inside of You podcast, and among other things discussed how the show had many struggles to become the mega hit series of 2022. One of those was how to incorporate Ricci into the filming schedule and allow her to be an integral part of the series. Check out what they said below.

Millar: “It was hard [to cast her] because she was pregnant, so we had to work out scheduling so that she could come and shoot all of her episodes all the way at the end. That way she could be in eight episodes and do it in three weeks.”Gough: “Yeah, because she had Yellowjackets as well. She’s fantastic to work with.”Millar: “Yeah, and to have the two Wednesdays together this season just felt so iconic. This was a show where a lot of things almost didn’t work, but then they did.”

Thankfully, the team were able to accommodate Ricci’s personal circumstances and that allowed her to play Miss Thornhill in the series, a role that saw her becoming the antagonist to Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday.

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Will Christina Ricci Be In Wednesday Season 2?

Currently there is very little known about the second season of Wednesday, other than Jenna Ortega will be returning in the titular role, as will the rest of the Addams Family. Whether Christina Ricci will be joining them again is something that is still to be revealed, although he door is certainly open for her to put in another appearance and the actress would be more than happy to come back for more spooky mystery.

Ricci previously addressed the possibility of her character turning up again in season 2, but played her cards close to her chest, commenting, “I don’t think I’m allowed to say. I mean on my end, the door is open.”

That kind of ambiguous statement is all fans need to continue believing that Ricci could be back again in Wednesday’s new season, and if she is then no one will be complaining. However, there are obviously other stories that could be explored as the series expands, and showrunners Gough and Millar have already confirmed that the new season will feature other members of the Addams Family in larger roles than the first season.

There has currently been no word on exactly when Wednesday’s new season will air, but with filming expected to begin later in the summer, then it is looking likely that new episodes will arrive on Netflix sometime late in 2024. For now, the whole first season is available to stream on Netflix now.

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