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Why Psych 4 Hasn’t Happened Yet Explained By Shawn Actor

James Roday Rodriguez gives an update on Psych 4s progress and explains why the film hasn’t happened yet. Rodriguez starred alongside Dulé Hill in the detective comedy Psych, which aired from 2006 to 2014. However, despite the conclusion of the series, the franchise has continued through a series of TV films. The first film, Psych: The Movie, premiered on USA Network before Peacock took over and released two more movies. Plans for a Psych 4 have been circulating since 2022, but updates have been hard to come by.

In an interview with TVLine, Rodriguez has a hopeful update on the status of Psych 4. He reaffirms some facts that were already known – namely that a script has already been written – while revealing the movie was close to getting underway just last year. However, Rodriguez then explains what prevented Psych 4 from getting off the ground. Check out his statement below:

The only reason that Psych 4 didn’t happen last year was scheduling. It was all lined up, and we would’ve made an announcement, but then we just couldn’t pull it together in time with everybody going off to do [other projects]. So, now we just kind of have to regroup, wait for Peacock to decide that they want to pay for it again, and hopefully we’ll be good.

Will There Be More Psych Movies?

Psych accumulated quite a fanbase across its initial eight-season run. Hence, many were disappointed when Psych wasn’t renewed for another season without any clear explanation. However, while the series received a satisfying conclusion, the door was left open for more Psych projects. Even USA Network hinted at doing more with the beloved characters. This is why it wasn’t surprising when Psych: The Movie aired on the network in 2017.

Some may have seen the movie as a brief revival of the beloved franchise, or a last hurrah for Gus (Hill) and Shawn (Rodriguez). However, the franchise’s creator, Steve Franks, had other plans. Shortly after Psych: The Movie became a reality, Franks made the surprising announcement that he planned to make five more Psych films, hoping to establish a long-running franchise similar to Fast & Furious. Fortunately, Peacock aided him in releasing two more films.

Now, as Rodriguez confirms, the script for Psych 4 is done, and Franks is ready to jump into action as soon as Peacock agrees to it. Despite the optimism and progress, though, Peacock hasn’t publicly addressed its plans for the franchise’s future. However, considering that Franks charged ahead with writing the script, there’s a chance he may already start working on a fifth film. Frank’s goal was to make a total of six Psych films, so long as the studio collaborated with him. With a script already in place, things are looking good for Psych 4, assuming the scheduling and Peacock fall in line.

Source: TVLine

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