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Andor Season 2 Will Have “Surprising” Star Wars Cameos, Confirms Showrunner (Unlike Season 1)

Andor season 2 will apparently include some surprising Star Wars cameos, according to the showrunner Tony Gilroy. This news certainly comes as somewhat of a surprise, especially given the self-contained nature of Andor season 1. Outside the direct links to the Death Star, massive Star Wars cameos that are often found in the likes of The Mandalorian or The Book of Boba Fett were largely absent from Andor season 1.


In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly (via The Direct), showrunner Tony Gilroy was asked about the potential of cameos from major Star Wars characters appearing in Andor season 2’s story. This is what Gilroy had to say on the matter:

“Of course. Yeah, I mean, yes. The answer is yes. And there are some that are inevitable, there are some that are surprising, there are some that we probably can’t get for various reasons… But, you kinda know who’s in the stew there. You certainly know who’s gonna be on Yavin 4. [Cassian] and Mon Mothma have a scene together in ‘Rogue [One]’. So yeah… And the calendar’s inevitable, in some ways, for the people in this convention, for the people who really know this five years, there’s some big events on the calendar that we have to pay attention to. And we will.”

These comments all but confirm more cameos will be part of Andor season 2. As Gilroy rightly points out, Andor season 2 will span the five years between season 1 and the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. These five years house many important stepping stones to the larger Rebel Alliance being formed, leading directly into the original trilogy. With Andor season 1, the story had the luxury of being more self-contained, while season 2 will have to adhere to the wider universe much more closely.

What Star Wars Cameos & Events Will Happen In Andor Season 2?

Given Gilroy’s mention of Rogue One and Yavin 4, some of the cameos for Andor season 2 can be predicted. K2SO is likely one of them, with Gilroy confirming K2SO will be part of Andor season 2. However, the droid is more likely to have a supporting role rather than a cameo. Though with Gilroy mentioning big events that take place in the five-year gap that Andor season 2 will focus on, the surprising cameos the showrunner mentioned could also become clear.

One of these big events is the Ghorman Massacre, a self-explanatory genocide committed by the Empire which forces Mon Mothma to leave Coruscant and fully form the Rebel Alliance. The aftermath of this story was explored in Star Wars Rebels, meaning cameos from the Ghost crew could serve as the shocking inclusions Gilroy hinted at. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been cast as live-action Hera for Ahsoka and is also referenced in Rogue One, meaning the Twi’lek pilot could make an appearance. Regardless, fans will have to wait for Andor season 2 to release to see if any of the other Ghost crew members make a surprise cameo.

Source: The Direct

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